Tyre Tread Non-Bouncing Slam Ball 10-40LBS

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  • Hard Wearing Construction: RitFit slam ball has an ultra-sturdy construction. Sand-filled, evenly weighted core wrapped in a seamless thick PVC shell, this ball will stand up to a beat.
  • Perfect Bounce Resistance: The ball is a deadweight once it hits the ground. The bounce-resistant feature favors a full-strength use of the ball without the risk of having the ball bouncing back in your face.
  • Grippy PVC shell with Textured Surface: The shell comprises 4mm thick PVC. Beyond being super durable and easy to clean, the PVC shell features a tread surface with grooves and triangular ridges to add traction. Easy and tight grip guaranteed even when sweat is pouring. 
  • Varied Weights and Clear Color-coded Surface Marks: We offer a selection of weights, from 10lbs to 40lbs, to meet the training needs of both beginners and experienced exercisers. Through the color-coded weight marks on the center of the ball surface, you can identify your desired weight at a glance.  
  • A Full-body Workout Beast: For effective muscle enhancement, quick fat-burning, or merely emotional catharsis, this slam ball is your perfect tool. It’s perfect for throw, slam, off-center movements and more. The limitation of its use is your imagination.