Resistance Tube with Handles 1-50 LBS

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  • High-Quality Latex Resistance Tube: The resistance tube is made of natural latex that is stackable, non-irritant, and odor-free, thereby being an excellent choice for your health, fitness, and performance. 
  • Door Anchor: 3-inch door anchor utilizes dense but soft foam, it can secure your resistance tube at all points, even if there is a sizeable space at the top and bottom of the door. This feature dramatically increases the number of exercises that you can perform.
  • Cushioned Foam Handles: The handles of our resistance tube are made of non-slip and environmental materials. Comfortable handles will definitely make you enjoy the resistance tube exercise.
  • Multi-functions: The resistance tube with handles is perfect for physical therapy, exercise, weight loss, pilates, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, stretching, rehabilitation, and general health and fitness. Our resistance tube is excellent for home use, gym use, and offices, and is ideal for travel.
Resistance Tube with Handles Exercise Resistance Band with Door Anchor

Training with a resistance tube can help prevent injury and strengthen muscles, making you a stronger athlete overall. Stretching with a resistance tube is one of the best ways to increase your flexibility and range of motion. You can think of your resistance tube as a partner who is there to help you with assisted stretches. By using a resistance tube, you can get deeper into a stretch.

The resistance tube is perfect for resistance training, flexibility training, physical therapy, and home workouts. It's also a convenient size for traveling. As is often the case, the simplest tools are often the very best for your health.

Multiple Uses transform your body into a lean and sturdy machine

  • Abdominal crunch with resistance tube
  • Reverse abdominal crunch with resistance tube
  • Chest press with resistance tube
  • Squat with resistance tube
  • Front raise with resistance tube
  • And More!!!
Resistance Tube with Handles Exercise Resistance Band with Door Anchor
  • Product: Resistance Tube with Handles Exercise Resistance Band with Door Anchor
  • Length: 48''
  • Band Material: 100% Natural Latex
  • Door Anchor Length: 3''
  • Single Resistance Band: Length of 4ft
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