Gymwell Portable Resistance Workout Set
    You always want to get fit and be healthy, but lives can get hectic.

    Maybe you just start working, or maybe you have been at it for a long time and you are taking on a lot of responsibilities. Maybe you have to travel a lot for your job. Maybe you are a mother, taking care of children end up becoming a full-time job. Maybe you are overwhelmed by your busy schedule or simply couldn’t leave your house?

    Most of the time workouts are tied to a fixed place and in turn, it limits your workout time. What if you are really interested in practicing deadlifts and barbell squats or training your arms and glutes with a cable machine and you simply don’t have time to visit a Gym?

    We believe in a time-efficient approach to fitness and health and would like to introduce you to the Gymwell’s Portable Resistant Workout Set. It is designed to break the traditional barrier of confined place and time to exercise – it mobilizes you to go anywhere for core, functional and strength training anytime you want.

    We have uploaded 76 movements onto our website categorized by different muscle groups, click into exercises to watch an instructor do it or read the details in writing. The workout set will save you thousands of dollars on hiring a personal trainer or paying for monthly gym membership fee.

    A pair of special ankle straps was developed for the Portable Resistant Workout Set for you to practice different movements such as curls, presses, rows, deadlifts, squats and many more. It comes with triple D-rings in different positions and at different levels of height on your ankle. With an extra band going around your foot to stabilize the strap, you could practice different kinds of movements without the ankle strap going around 360-degree.

    Gymwell’s Portable Resistant Workout Set provides you with an easy customization plan to train specific muscles groups and will take the hassle away from hiring a personal trainer or commutes.

    We hope you enjoy the freedom and convenience the Portable Resistant Workout Set brings to you.
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