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Full Body Workout Equipment

You are able to train all 6 major muscle groups and customize your own workout. 70+ exercise videos available on our website at 

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November 22 2018

Such a great product! I was shocked to know the full potential of the portable gym, with all the exercises you can perform with it. You can do so much, from squats, to kickbacks, to tricep press downs! IVery happy with the product!


March 23, 2019

This is awesome when I can't make it to the gym and my husband takes his when he travels for work.

Jill K

June 3, 2019

WIth neck issues, my days of doing flys or any shoulder workout with weights are done, aside from using 8 lbs. found Gymwell and thought it looked really like you could get a good workout regardless of not being weights, dumbells, etc. I really love it!!!!


December 28 2018

 I'm a truck driver, this product is so compact that it fits easily in my toolbox, I use it at rest areas and at truck stops. This is a great product for truck drivers trying to Get in shape,


May 26 2019

I love this portable system. It is so nice to have something that will fit into a bag and I can take when I travel where there might not be a gym. I also just like that I can use the door stop to use it anywhere in my house. Great quality material used also!


March 22, 2019

Added this to my workout routine for the days I do not go to the trainer (he recommended this one). It is a great resistance set for at home and I use it at least 5 times a week.

C. Yeung

November 26 2019

Bought this for my wife, who has been complaining about have no time to goto the gym after our lovely daughter has been born. Very easy to use and sturdy.

T. Prince

July 31, 2019

Was looking for something that wouldn't take up space in my house. The option of it being portable was also a plus so I can take it anywhere with me. I'm enjoying it so far.

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