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Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Finding enough resistance during your travel can be tricky. Attach your RitFit Suspension Trainer to any vertical anchor point, such as a tree trunk, beam, pole, chin-up bar, or power racks. Fast, fun, and effective, it helps you build muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility, and improve endurance.

Extended Straps Unlock More Exercises
With adjustments to the length of your suspension straps or your body position, you'll open up a variety of exercises.  Generally, the closer your center of gravity is to the floor, the harder the exercise will be.

Durable Straps Allow You to Add More "Weights"

Here's a bodyweight suspension straps squat variation that'll attack the quads and glutes differently. Home gyms might lack variety of equipment but that shouldn't mean a lack of exercise variety.

Versatility Is Not The Only Feature
Attached to a Power Cage, you'll open up an wide range of exercises – from tricep press to chest fly and push up. Durable enough to support 400lbs with solid carabiners, it can handle intense exercises in varied positions.

Thank @johntprather and his lovely kids for their amazing videos!

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The bands are lightweight and portable (including an over the door attachment so they can be used anywhere - perfect for our clients we train at home), and they come with a high degree of adjustability. The adjustable straps mean we can achieve a high degree of customization with exercises for upper body, lower body, core, etc.

That's great to hear - thanks so much for leaving your feedbackEnjor your straps!