The Gymwell 20-minute lower body workout can help you increase your fitness and strength anywhere anytime! Whether you are a beginner or are ready for a new challenge, you can become fitter, stronger with Gymwell Portable Resistant Workout Set within 20 minutes.

Using a timer, perform as many of the four moves in circuit 1 for minutes without rest. And then take a 60-second break between circuits before moving on to the next four exercises in circuit 2 for another five minutes. Repeat both circuits one more time to complete the circuits in 20 minutes.

This workout will focus on your glutes and thighs.

Gymwell Workout Menu



Gymwell Set Up

Gymwell Abduction 1

Gymwell Abduction 2

Gymwell Pullthrough


Gymwell Standing Kickback========================================================================

Gymwell Set Up

Gymwell Lunge

Gymwell Squat

Gymwell Front Press

Gymwell Good Morning



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