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Collapsible Workout Bar

Measures 1.5 inch thick in diameter and 42.5 inches long, made of high-quality steel for toughness and durability with 360-degree spinning ends for a variety of movements. The round shape bar is covered by a padded soft foam rubber exterior for a comfortable grip and to relieve pressure on the neck. The collapsible workout bar is easy to set up and to store away.

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Premium resistance bands

The product comes with three pairs of resistance bands vary in lengths and levels of tension customized to accommodate all body types, heights, and level of strengths each individual is comfortable with. Resistance bands are covered with polyester sleeves to protect users in case of accidental band snapping.  Two anti-rust carabiner hooks made of nickel steel alloys are installed at the end of each band to be clipped on for numerous movements.

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Padded Ankle Strap

The padded ankle straps are made of thick neoprene padding with triple D-rings in different positionings and at different levels of height. Uniquely designed and patented for the portable, resistant workout set to bring your workout to the next level with fun. The added extra band which goes around your foot provides extra stability and comfort for exercises such as curls, presses, rows, deadlifts, squats and many more. The two-inch support strap is secured with heavy-duty Velcro and is fully adjustable for any sizes of ankles. The ankle straps can be used individually with a cable machine at a gym to activate glutes and hamstrings.

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Door Anchor

The robust and large door anchor is made of thick polypropylene webbing with heavy duty stitching. A dense but soft foam that is 2.75 inches in diameter will secure the resistance bands at all points at the top or bottom of a door. The soft foam at the end of the anchor will help prevent scratching and denting of your door.

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Anchor Band

The anchor band allows you to hand the band off bars, poles, trees or hooks anything that can take your weight and enables a full range of motion indoor or outside. Use a collapsible work out bar and clip the resistance bands onto the large carabineer to start training for rotation, core stability, power, and coordination challenges.

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Heavy duty textured handle with a wide design and reinforced stitches. Covered with soft padded foam for maximum comfort with a large stainless carabineer at the end to connect to multiple tubes and bands simultaneously. Could be used individually for cable machines.

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