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Conditioning Workout Pal for Women

Gymwell has been dedicated to developing easier ways to improve the general health and sporting performance of our women customers. Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for all your conditioning workout needs, such as strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination training.

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PreparationAttach a pair of resistance bands to a door anchor and place the door anchor at the bottom of a door. Attach the workout bar to the other ends of the resistance bands....
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PreparationConnect a resistance band to the workout bar and attach the other end to a D-ring on an ankle strap. Do the same for a pair of resistance bands. Grab the workout bar...
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What Our Customers Say

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Gymwell portable resistance set works exceptionally well in my routines. I can work out with it anywhere and anytime!
Kelly J.
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Great balance trainer for me in my daily workout. I usually take it to improve my balance and coordination.
Elizabeth N.
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I love to do the ab workout with the weighted bar. It's an excellent tool for strengthening the core.
Jennifer S.
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